About Erin Morris

Erin Morris has been creating glass art for over 15 years at the Pittsburgh Glass Center in the city’s Friendship neighborhood. She is an active supporter of the organization, continuing her 14+ year chairmanship of the Silent Auction Committee as well as serving on its Board of Directors.

She has worked extensively with glass artist Jason Forck who continues to mentor and inspire her. Erin’s portfolio has been heavily influenced by the whimsical, contemporary work of artists John Miller and Einar and Jamex De La Torre, who she was fortunate enough to work with at Pittsburgh Glass Center.

In recent years, Erin has been branching out into the classically Italian techniques, murrine and cane. She continues to be fascinated by patterns, color, and texture in her work, while pushing the limits of what is possible with these traditional methods.

A lifelong resident of Pittsburgh’s North Hills, Erin is owner of Erin’s Hallmark in Bellevue and is active in the local chamber of commerce and other community programs.

Erin is also an avid collector of art with a special affinity for glass. Her private collection includes work by the aforementioned artists who inspired her so much, as well as influential artists, Paul Stankard, Kathleen Mulcahy, Shag, and Mark Ryden.

Her work has been featured in two solo shows, New Works in December 2015 at the historic John A. Hermann Jr. Museum and Ice Nine in April 2017 at Barberry Handmade.